Sunday, October 7, 2012

I love Luke's drawings

We never know what he will come up with.  I'm always amazed at his eye for detail.  Also, just the time he spends coloring.  This first picture when he was almost 4 years old (so officially 3!).  He spent at least 4-5 hours on it- spread out over time.  He would color for a while, then come back to it.  I never even told him he had to finish it. It was just something I gave him for fun.  He would lose the drawing and then we would search for it. He'd color some more. Repeat. He was determined all on his own to finish it.

He loves to color, draw - loves little details.
I love his sense of balance - kind of crazy - but fun.

Not sure what this is, but kind of cool!

I have a Picasso for sale - for YOU a good deal!

This one he was trying to copy his cousin Connor's dragons.

This is one of my favorites.  Rings of Seurat, eh?

 He'll draw these for birthday cards. Kind of funny how much detail he puts in for another little 5 year old who won't even look twice at the card.  At least his Mom appreciates his art :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Another mess......arg!

 Sometimes I feel like I just can't take one more mess. Every time I turn around there are those "precious" fingerprints - not to mention spilled food, dirty clothes, clean clothes, dishes, toys...................I had just cleaned up the family room. Went in to do dishes and came back to see this:

Really Luke? Can you NOT clean up after yourself?  Then I saw what he cut out. I just couldn't be mad anymore. He can't stand seeing things that aren't cut out "correctly".  These were Claire's sister missionary paper dolls.  The one on the left is the one he "corrected" :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I am getting so big and grown-up!

I just finished my first year of preschool with mom and my 3 buddies - Gavin, Raquel and Kami. I really miss them coming over twice a week. Our favorite part of preschool was jumping on the tramp and doing our Redbook Workbook. I was really good at pointing out when my friends were scribbling or not choosing the right colors. Teacher did not really think that was my job to point out, but hey! someone has to keep everyone on the straight and narrow path.

Now that school is over I still insist that my mom give me more preschool work to do. I love doing my math pages, my reading and coloring anything and everything that needs coloring. Mom thinks that I am taking after dad with my creative mind. She can't believe that I color better than any of my siblings (currently!). I am developing my mom's love of math and numbers. My mom seriously can't believe how smart I am - but why the surprise mom? I have always been the perfect child.

It will be great when school is out for my big brother and sisters, but for now it is nice to be home with mom and my new baby brother. Plus, this week Grandma is here and she plays games with me and takes me on errands and listens to me talk non-stop. She thought she would be able to finish her book this week, but not with my continuous prattling :) Mom takes naps every day now too - she will surely have a "wake-up" "back to reality" call next week with Grandma gone.........

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Luke is Potty Trained!

I am so happy. It was so easy - Luke is our perfect child! Maybe he knew I couldn't handle any stress this time around. We started the "procedure" and he wasn't interested. We ran out of diapers - told him he needed to be interested. Prayed that he would be. He was. Our prayer was answered! I highly recommend prayer.

Today Brett was wondering what the little black specks/dots of "poo" (sorry to say that word) were from that he saw Luke's potty chair. We were informed the hamster is now potty trained also.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Luke and his animals.......

Luke and Dad

Another old video I just is amazing how fast the kids are growing. Luke seems like SUCH a baby in these videos.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Our darling 2 year old is refining his parents.......

Today in church:

Luke didn't want to go to nursery today for some reason, so he hung out with Brett for the 1st while (while I subbed in primary) and then me. I lost track of him at one point and couldn't find him. I found him in nursery. I guess he will go when he is good and ready. When it was all over and I was picking him up, he realized that he had missed snack. He starts blubbering about how he didn't get snack. His nursery leader was so nice and said she had some left for him. I have never seen Luke jump so high. He was like a puppy dog leaping for a bone over and over. I guess it is the little things in life. One reason why we still don't have a dog - we've already got our puppy.

During sacrament:
Luke wanted a second cup of water. I said, “No,” and kept the water going down the row. Luke starts jumping around crying and saying he wanted another one. So then when Brett got the water, he handed another one to Luke (to keep the peace). Luke immediately stopped crying and looks at me and smiles really big – like he knew he got away with it. I must have had a look on my face of some sorts because he says, “Dad said I could!” in such a loud, smug tone. Then he proceeds to just smash the cup on his mouth and let it all drip out. Guess he was SO thirsty, he didn’t really need to drink the water.

Later he kept asking me why the little girl behind us in the next row back got some gummy fruit (whatever you call those things) but I tried to just ignore him (he is so loud in sacrament meeting!) He persisted in asking me 4 more times.. Finally, I answered him and said, “Because she is lucky.” He said, “But I’m lucky and I don’t get any gummys.” So I whispered, “But you don’t want to get cavities.” He stood up and turned to the little girl and said, “You are going to get cavities if you eat dose gummys.” And he was SO loud. I was so embarrassed.

Then a little bit later he is SO thirsty (but we already knew this!), so he tells me he will be right back. I let him go because I knew he would come back and we’d all hear a little better if he had some agency at that moment. So he goes, and comes back. Then he goes again, and comes back. (Yes, I know, we are such an annoying family in sacrament!) The 3rd time he came back a lot sooner and says in a loud, clear, legible voice, “That lady back there is a big bully!” and points back to Sister Rushing who is sitting by the door. I was trying not to laugh. I thanked her later.

Now on the brighter side:
A few weeks ago our whole family had a part in the primary program "playing FHE" and doing a little script. Luke's part was pretty simple: "Me too, in nursery!" and "I love Jesus and Jesus loves me." In between playing with the microphone, he did manage to say his part. He is very much into keeping up with the kids. He insists on saying the prayer at every meal and is getting very good at saying his night time prayers.

He loves his friend Brandon in the ward. They just are so happy when they see each other. I cannot believe they will be moving on to primary in just a few weeks!

Friday, August 7, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things.....

"Ha-ha-ha" - like a wicked man

Peek-a-boo whenever he hears someone say "Where is Luke?"

"dickle dickle" (as he reaches in to tickle you) in a high pitched voice when he wants something someone has (better than the more common smack)

"I got you, Mom" (in a reassuring voice) when he is worried about falling when he is getting dressed (you know, balance issues) or standing on a high surface and you are next to him.

Loves to chase people on all fours and be their puppy.

If Claire acts like a puppy he will share his food with her. He loves that. He'll even share his "favorites" when she is a puppy.

Making every single object do a "free fall". The words are "ahhhhhhhhhh.....bonk"

"Pease" with reminders but "Tank you" without.

If he is bugging someone and you tell him to stop - he'll have a mad face and at the same times say in a sweet little boy voice, "Okay."

The evil eye glare.............

At Anna's play (Peter Pan) last night Claire and Eliza went and stood up close to the stage to watch. Luke kept saying to me, "Be bite back!" "Be bite back" - I finally got what he meant. He was saying to me that he'd be right back if I let him go up to the front with Claire and Eliza. Yeah right - we don't quite believe you little boy! We should have kept Eliza back with us as well - we looked over and she was climbing up onto the side of the stage! Nice parents who are so in control of their children!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Josh and Luke's new room "decor"

Well, not really new, several months old. They both love it. Josh helped with the painting of the sea animals. I love that I don't have to see boxes, storage underneath Josh's bed anymore when I walk by :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

"Hey" is not always just for horses...........!

My favorite part is at the end where he says, "I laughing!" (like that isn't obvious already!)

Funny story about him: We were getting pizza the other night and he threw Anna's shoes out his window. I saw and put them back in, I guess when he wasn't paying attention. We leave and about 2 blocks away he says, "Mom!" "Back!" "Toyn arowwn!" "Anna shoe!" I just thought it was so funny how his little mind was working. He knew he shouldn't throw them out the window (even though nobody said anything to him about it then) and in his mind we had to turn around and go back. And the way he said "turn around!" He wouldn't stop saying that until I had Josh fish them off the floor to show him we had them.

I love this age where they are really communicating with you but it is still so baby-ish.

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Zoo

I've got my "roar" down pat!

I had a great time at the zoo. I ran everywhere and only fell down 3 times. I have my first official big scrape on my elbow. Now I'm pretty tough. I keep telling mom to forget buying a stroller. I'm too big for that kind of stuff now. She isn't listening - some mumblings about how there are times when she wants me strapped in. Whatever!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Luke celebrating Joshua's Birthday

"Hey! Pass me a candle!!"

"I don't like beans when there is a cake on the table!"

Monday, September 22, 2008

Singing and Swinging

I've got the greatest big brother. He entertains me at night when I go to bed. He lets me use his cool cars and trucks. He is always nice to me. Here are some pics of us having fun together. You can always tell how happy I am by how loud and long I sing. Joshua sings when he is happy too. Maybe one day I'll even sing with words!

Loon Lake from my perspective............

These pics are from my 2nd annual trip to Loon Lake (3rd if you count when I was invetro.)

I give the thumbs up to this camping trip. I pretty much have my run of the camp ground (which means I run, they follow), the food coolers are easy access for me, and I have tons of adoring cousin fans.

Because I was pretty cool about chillin' with my cousins, I didn't climb out of my pack-n-play, and I mostly stayed out of the roads, mom and dad said they would take me again.

Loon Lake Videos

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'll eat anything.......................

and I'll even sing for my supper. I love to sing. Sometimes I get distracted while singing when I see a round object. I then must stop and say, "Baahll!"

Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Uncle Luke

Uncle Luke is just about to have a baby. Thus the decline of my pictures on his blog. Sigh. Here is a picture of Luke and his wife Meghann in Italy. Baby girl coming up any day. The race is on to see if Beth or Meghann's baby is #34. Luke really wants his girl to be #34 for basketball reasons. Unless Meghann went into labor on the mattress they were sleeping on outside last night, I think Beth will come out the winner of #34.

Luke has been hinting for a while that I post a picture of him. I was waiting to get the picture of him sans braces, but he hasn't sent me one yet. (I hear he sent everyone else one!) Doesn't he know I have Verizon too??!! This will have to do.

Happy Hollow

Here I am - very laid back and very cool. Check out my casual pose in my cool ride....... that's me in the police car.

Here I am a "Happy Fellow" at "Happy Hollow"!
My 1st Merry-Go-Round ride ever. I knew just
what to do!

4th of July!!!

Here's me and my dad checking out the 4th of July fireworks. It was great! I said, "Wow!" about 67 times!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Hotwheels are the best!

I have discovered my brother Joshua's race track. It is the greatest thing ever.

Friday, April 4, 2008


To tell you the truth, I blog because I am humble. This may sound funny to some, but to those of you who know me well, you know this is true. The fact is, I was noticing that I was pretty much taking over my family's blog and I thought to myself, "This just isn't right." My mom was out of control, posting this picture and that video and they were all of me! How fair is that? But to be fair to all, there will be plenty of me on this blog.

Just so you know, nobody accused me of being a family blog hog. I came to this conclusion on my own. So, like I just said, don't count on seeing me too often on my family blog - on that blog I'll go back to where I am most comfortable - just tagging along, grabbing discarded toys, and thrilled to be thrown a crumb now and then. But I am a blogger. This you will see.

4 other reasons I blog: I thought about my lovely sister, Anna, who does nothing but serve me day and night and here I am taking her spotlight again. She sings to me, she writes books about me, she even changes my diapers. Then there is my cool brother, Josh, who has made it his mission to teach me how to be a man. And what a fine specimen of a man he is. I was taking away precious photo space that could have been his and his alone. Not to mention my twin sisters, I mean CLAIRE and ELIZA (I mustn't lump them - they are two separate and distinct human beings) who have had to share since the minute they arrived. Not to mention all I owe to Eliza for teaching me the finer art of walking.

The final reason is because of my Dad. He has always said I was brilliant and that I was destined to do something smart-like based on my genius I.Q. (Yes, they already had me tested and I take courses at Sylvan, as well.)So, Dad, here's to you. I'm a blogger. Bloggers are smart-like.

Please feel free to comment on my photographs and thoughts anytime.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

More Attack Footage

My first film, "Attack of the Luke" was originally posted on my family's blog. You won't want to miss that one.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My View on Things

I thought I should post this picture being that this has been my view for approximately 1/2 of my life - 12 hrs. a day. It is not a fantastic view, but interesting. I can see my sister Anna's top bunk and once in a while she surprises me and peeks over to talk to me (only when I am not supposed to be sleeping, of course). The fan is quite fascinating although it is hardly ever on. The mesh you see on the right of the picture is my crib tent. It has not yet been zipped but I suppose my mom wants to be prepared for when I make my debut climb down from Mt. Crib.

My latest "communinication" is when I am tired I lay down on the floor with my hands by my hips and wiggle like a fish. Mom used to laugh when I did that, but then she finally clued in. I want to go to bed! She seemed happy enough about that, as well. I think she thinks that I am such a cutie.

The Inside View

Here is a picture of my other view (1/2 my life) but the view is not important. I don't even care about dinosaurs or polka-dots, what matters is my SILKY!!!!!!! It is so beautiful, so precious, so dear to me. It is that little tiny blanket that has stars on it. I LOVE it so much - almost as much as mom.
Note from mom: I love Luke's silky as well. It has brought much peace and happiness to our lives. As well as much strife when missing.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

More on my views....

There also is a gargantuan picture of my mom when she was little that hangs right above my bed. Not sure why that picture is hung there - I think it would look best in the living room - front and center. But it's good for saying, "Night-night" to. Every night when my Dad puts me to bed, he holds me up to this picture and says, "Goodnight Girl!" and I smile really big.
Funny how some things never change - she is still chubby, still wears those dresses that are made out of tablecloths, and she still tries to flip her hair. Very interesting Ma. Can we say stuck in the 70's?!

Monday, March 31, 2008

I'll feed myself, thank you very much!

I'm just trying to make things easier on everyone - no need to fuss over me, folks. I can do it myself! In fact, if you try to help me, I will swat your hand away and refuse to eat anything. I'll even scream and make dinner time miserable for everyone! Don't you go trying to give me a baby spoon either. I want the real deal and I want it now. I also want the WHOLE apple (not cut up either!) I'm only trying to be independent, love you fam. (Can you blame me with 4 older siblings who are always in my face!!!!) Ahem, my sweet, adoring, gentle brother and sisters.........

Mom's Note: I'm getting really sick of cleaning Luke's high chair. He also is known to find cantaloupe rinds, apple cores, or a diapers in the garbage (at the top when it is full) and start eating them (the food, not the diapers.) I threw out a rotten mango the other day - it was REALLY bad inside -black etc, only to find Mr. Luke chowing down on it. I guess it still had a good flavor? Right. I know Dad recommends very ripe fruit for babies, but this is probably not what he means

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Woof Woof

Here I am reading in my home library wearing my favorite doggy "woof woof" pajamas. Everytime I see my pjs (in dryer, in drawer, on floor) I always have to let people know that dogs say, "woof woof". If I can ever manage to get out of the house (which is so rare because all of my siblings are so good about shutting the door everytime they exit or enter) I like to stroll over to the fence hoping that Rusty & Sam (our neighbor's dogs) will be out playing. They often come over to the fence to say "Hi" to me and there is nothing more exciting than that!